There Be Dragons - South Bend

Get your tickets here, they are not available at the theater box office for these exclusive South Bend area showings!  Tickets are $8.

There Be Dragons showings in South Bend are sponsored by the Windmoor Foundation.  Showtimes are approximate, exact showing times will be available the week before.  Just bring your email receipt to the theater and you or your guests can pick up your tickets at the show.

Cinemark Movies 14

910 West Edison Rd
Mishawaka, IN

Friday, May 6th 2011

     Evening (7:00 pm)         SOLD OUT!
     Late Show (9:45 pm)         SOLD OUT!

Saturday, May 7th 2011

     Evening (7:00 pm)
        SOLD OUT!
     Late Show (9:45 pm)             SOLD OUT!

Sunday, May 8th 2011 

     Afternoon (1:10 pm) Tickets may be available at the theater.

     Afternoon (4:00 pm) Tickets may be available at the theater.

About the Film:

Roland Joffe, the director who brought us the THE MISSION has returned to his roots with the epic movie THERE BE DRAGONS, a powerful story of war, tragedy, love and redemption. Set during the turmoil of the Spanish Civi War (1930's), Dragons tells the story of two childhood friends who became separated during the political conflict to find themselves on opposite sides as war erupts. One chooses the path of peace and becomes a priest while the other chooses the life of a soldier driven by jealousy and revenge. Each will struggle to find the power of forgiveness over the forces that tore their lives and friendship apart.